Chicken coop v3 Configuration v3.3

  •  SelfTemp Board temperature
  •  AirTemp Air temperature
  •  HeatTemp Heater temperature
  •  AirHum Air humidity
  •  SunLight Illumination
  •  WaterLevel Water level
  •  EggAmount Egg production
  •  WindowPos Window position
  •  SelfFan Cooler
  •  AirFan Ventilation
  •  AirHeat Air heater
  •  SunLamp Lamp
  •  WaterBowl Water Bowl
  •  FoodBowl Food Bowl
  •  Window Window

Chick PCB v3.2  

PCB and Description

Universal! The designed board allows for partial placement of parts. For example, if you don't plan to use a certain sensor or device, you can choose not to solder its components.
Attention! When working with high voltage, remember it is dangerous to life and can cause fire!

Schematic diagram

Attention! The suggested scheme is standard but can be changed to fit your likes and needs. You don't have to use all the parts listed in the scheme or connect them! Also, you can use this project in your way, by replacing devices and parts with others.


Power supply unit HLK-PM12 AC-DC 220V to 12V
Radial fan 30x30x10mm, 5V 150mA
Port Expander PCF8574
1-Wire DS18B20 sensor - temperature sensor
BME280 I2C module - temperature, humidity and pressure sensor
I2C module GY-21 HTU21 - temperature and humidity sensor
Capacitive Soil Moisture Sensor
Water Level Sensor
Light Intensity Sensor BH1750
Reed Switch MKA-14103
Hall sensor A3144 digital
Relay SSR-40 DA solid state and silent
Pneumatic Diaphragm Water Pump Motor R365
Multi-Purpose Plastic Solenoid Valve DCF-HS15
Motor motor JGA25-370 with reducer