Home automation

Ready-made projects for home automation

The Smart Home idea is not only about big chances, but also big challenges. We made a set of ready universal projects for you, for the most common home automation tasks.

Open schematics and project blueprints

You choose to buy a ready project or make it yourself. We give you this choice. So, if you know Arduino and DIY, you can easily build it yourself.

A free local server is available

The Smart Home server is the most complex and important element. We give you a choice. You can use our cloud server, but maintain your independence. Just set up your own free local server through a docker container when you're ready.

ASA - Automation + Security + Autonomy

Our idea of 'Automation + Security + Autonomy' means these work together when no one is there: Automation - set work plans, Security - checks, locks, and alerts, Autonomy - different decision levels based on the situation.

Distributed nodes within a single project

For instance, a single project for managing room climate might include four heaters or fans, plus temperature sensor. We have arranged it so that you don't need to pull wires from all devices to one universal board, because each device or sensor can have its own board if needed.

Smart network to connect projects

Separate nodes can be joined in one project, and separate projects form a Smart network. This network makes the whole Smart Home work together intellectually. No need to plan everything at once in a big project, just grow step by step.

Router as a universal gateway

Typically, remote access to a Smart Home is provided through a cloud service and requires the purchase of a special gateway from the manufacturer. However, we have implemented the concept of a VPN connection via popular and open Mikrotik router, which serves as the gateway.

Notifications via Telegram

Whether you use your cloud server or your own local, you need alerts from your Smart Home. Using a bot in Telegram, a popular messenger, you'll always know about all is going well.

Progressive Web Apps

The PWA concept allows you to interact with your Smart Home as a universal web application that can be installed on both your personal computer and smartphone with just a couple of clicks.

Swap workage to robotage! 

Workage - work done by a forced person. Robotage - work done by a robot. As Abraham Lincoln said, "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master!" By using home automation, you help move society to a new level!

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