Home automation

Ready-made projects for home automation

The concept of a "Smart Home" is not just an ocean of opportunities, but also an ocean of complexities, where tricky nuances lurk. We offer you to start with standard ready-made projects for home automation of the most relevant tasks, gradually diving into the deep end.

Open schematics and project blueprints

You decide whether to order a ready-made project or to create it yourself. We provide you with that choice. So, if you're familiar with Arduino and DIY, it won't be a challenge for you to assemble everything on your own.

Free local server for management

The server for your smart home is the most complex and crucial element. You can use our public server, but it's essential not to become too reliant on it. Simply set up your backup free local server through a Docker container.

ASA - Automation + Security + Autonomy

Our "ASA" concept revolves around the seamless integration of these principles in the absence of human intervention: Automation represents preset operation scenarios, Security includes checkpoints, locks, and notifications, while Autonomy encompasses various decision-making levels according to the situation.

Distributed nodes within a single project

For instance, a single project managing the climate in a room might have four heaters, a fan, and an air conditioner. Plus, there might be several temperature and humidity sensors. We've designed it so you don’t need to run wires from all devices to one universal board.

Smart network for integrating projects

Individual nodes can be combined into a single project, and separate projects are integrated into a Smart Network. This network ensures the cohesive operation of the entire Smart Home and the coordinated intelligent behavior of all projects. There's no need to plan everything all at once in one complex project; simply proceed step by step.

Router as a universal gateway

Remote access to a Smart Home often relies on cloud services and requires the purchase of a specific gateway. Instead, we've implemented the concept of a VPN connection using a popular router, such as Mikrotik, which serves as the gateway.

Notifications via Telegram

Regardless of whether you use our server or your own local one, it's vital to receive notifications about the state of your Smart Home. By utilizing a bot in the popular messenger Telegram, you'll always be at ease, knowing everything is going according to plan.

Progressive Web Apps

The PWA concept allows you to interact with your Smart Home as a universal web application that can be installed on both your personal computer and smartphone with just a couple of clicks.

Swap workage to robotage! 

Work is labor performed by an unwilling human. Robot's task is labor done by a robot. As Abraham Lincoln said, "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master!" By implementing home automation, you're participating in the process of elevating societal relations to a new level!

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