Home automation

In our homes, we've got a bunch of everyday tasks that could use some simple, easy-to-understand, and reliable automation. Think about stuff like heating your home, smart greenhouses, automated chicken coops, watering your garden and lawn, automatic security systems, and home weather stations. 

Now, there are ready-made smart plugs and sensors out there, but let's be real: are they just fancy toys or do they actually get the job done? Can we trust them to work well? Are they safe? And how do we get all these things to work together and follow our rules? Then there's stuff like Arduino kits, but they can take a ton of time to learn, set up, and make them work with everything else, not to mention dealing with home or online servers. And don't even get me started on those pricey business solutions.

So, here's our solution to all these questions - say hello to the SmartESP project!

Easy to use, budget-friendly, and handy

The DIY way is getting more popular! Engineers and users are working together to make a whole new world.

It's even easier now. We've got a bunch of projects ready for your specific needs. With a simple, easy-to-understand way of working and pre-made software, you won't have to spend ages learning. Plus, setting up automatic modes saves you time and stress from reading never-ending instructions or dealing with a crashed server. 

Linking separate projects together to easily make more complicated system actions.

We're all about making more from less. Each of your devices can be a cheap ESP8266 chip with some basic functions. But with SmartESP, they all come together and "talk" on one platform. This makes your whole system work in a simple but smart way.

Solid and safe devices using a VPN setup.

Using IPv6 for IoT solutions means you have to deal with security issues, which can be tough for small microcontrollers. Another common option, web sockets, can put too much strain on the controller, network, and server. Instead, we use a secure VPN connection on just one router, taking care of both stability and protection.

Open, easy to integrate, and flexible!

Open designs, diagrams, and Gerber files. Works on its own, and devices aren't tied only to SmartESP. Easily switch modes and get important notifications through Telegram. Keeps working even if the connection drops. Projects tested on our own stuff. Plenty of options for standard solutions.